The cost effective and environmentally friendly way to keeping a grip on your tyres as well as your budget.

Why choose Tyre re-grooving by ForkLift Tyre Solutions?

Many fork-lift truck owners and operators, along with some Health and Safety Officers are under the misconception that once the tread has worn away from a solid resilient tyre that the tyres  needs replacing. This is actually not always the case.

Many fork-lift truck tyres are replaced prematurely when in fact, the truth could be that the tyre has actually up to 20% more usable rubber still remaining on the tyre.
On the side-wall of each solid resilient tyre is a wear indicator line, located at the base of the tread (known as the 60j line). Once the tread area has worn away the tyre can actually have a new tread re-grooved into the remaining rubber down to the depth of the 60j line.

​Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures below to see the benefits of having your tyres re-grooved by ForkLift Tyre Solutions:


Enhanced safety.
Re-grooving increases the depth of the tyre tread and sharpens tread block edges, thereby improving wet grip. On wet surfaces, re-grooved tyres have a transverse grip and mobility which is approximately 10% greater when compared to un-regrooved tyres with the same remaining tread depth

Play Your Part In Preserving The Environment.
A re-grooved tyre has reduced rolling resistance by up to 25% compared with a new tyre, which means lower fuel consumption

Fewer raw materials.
Four re-grooved tyres represents one less manufactured tyre.

Less waste. 
Four re-grooved tyres represent a reduction of one scrap tyre casing.

Significant Cost Savings.
Re-grooving your worn tyres can reduce the cost of replacing them significantly. Re-grooving your tyres will save your company HUNDREDS of pounds compared to replacing them with new tyres.

    The cost effective way to keeping the wheels of your industry in motion.
  2. Worn Steer Tyre.
    Worn Steer Tyre.
    Many forklift truck operators would consider this tyre as worn out, when in fact it is ideal for re-grooving.
  3. Steer Tyre Re-grooved
    Steer Tyre Re-grooved
    10mm of tread re-grooved into the worn tyre to allow for maximum water displacement.
  4. Worn Drive Tyre
    Worn Drive Tyre
    In wet conditions, smooth tyres like these significantly reduce traction and braking making for increased chances of accidents at work.
  5. Re-grooved drive tyre.
    Re-grooved drive tyre.
    13mm of new tread re-grooved into worn drive tyre resulting in added traction for safer driving.
  6. Re-grooved drive tyres
    Re-grooved drive tyres
    With a new tread re-grooved into these tyres, we give our customers many more hours of trouble free driving with the significant cost saving benefits compared to the price of having the tyres replaced prematurely.
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